NFT Artist

Diversity in art

Each NFT is unique. Every personality is unique. We need to find an artist who will adapt and understand the personality of each Star to make her NFT.  We already work with a variety of NFT artists, but we are open to discover new talents.  

Each artist has a particular style, a touch that will make the difference. Some have exceptional abilities but remain in the shadows without ever knowing the notoriety.

That is why we want to give you the opportunity to make yourself known. Just tell us that you exist and send your references by email to We ask for a single page that describes you. Tell us about your background, your experiences, your desires, your digital art preferences or why we should choose you. Yes, this is a job offer that we will consider.

External projects

NFT Blow is a platform for the promotion and sale of NFTs. We develop most of the NFTs ourselves by collaborating directly with a Star. We sign a contract with each of them to create an official NFT. This allows the buyers to have the image rights to resell the NFT if they decide to do so. The image rights are guaranteed for all future buyers. 

But we also accept external projects. If you want to propose an NFT that you made with a Star, you can also let us know by email at We will scrutinize your project based on artistic criteria that we have established scrupulously. But be warned, only come to us with a serious, elegant and artistic project. 

Digital Art starts today. Enter the world of Blockchain and engrave your favorite Star for eternity. And discover this surprising new digital fashion that is just beginning.

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