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We are entering a new era where digital art is still in its infancy. You have the opportunity, today, to invest in unique and immortal pieces of art! And even better—art with one of the most beautiful girls on earth. We offer you the very first official NFT labeled NFT Blow. It’s on you to write the first chapter of this history.


The creation of Bitcoin introduced the concept of digital scarcity. With the advent of blockchain technology, programmable digital scarcity has become possible. And it’s now being used to map the digital world to the real world.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), also often referred to as crypto-collectibles, expand upon this idea. Unlike cryptocurrencies, where all tokens are created equally, non-fungible tokens are each unique and limited in quantity.

NFTs are one of the key building blocks of a new blockchain-powered digital economy. Several projects are experimenting with NFTs for a variety of uses such as gaming, digital identity, licensing, certificates, and fine art.


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic token on a blockchain that represents a unique asset. These can either be entirely digital assets or tokenized versions of real-world assets. As NFTs are not interchangeable with each other, they may function as proof of authenticity and ownership within the digital realm.

NFT are mostly minted in the Ethereum blockchain. They can be traded in open marketplaces. These markets connect buyers with sellers, and the value of each token is unique. Naturally, NFTs are prone to price changes in response to market supply and demand. But owning your own unique piece of art today is a tremendous investment for the future.


Our first NFT is brought to you by Catgirl. We are thrilled by their collaboration with Aplonia to propose her unique NFT. This is indeed a rare product that we are offering to you! And like all rare things, it is being put up for auction on the Opensea website. You have thirty days to make your offer. Only Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) is accepted. The winner will have the chance to own this unique NFT of Apolonia. This NFT will undoubtedly increase in value and can be resold for much more in the future.


Start the auction by following these steps:

  • Open an Ethereum wallet if you don’t already have one.
  • Buy Ethereum cryptocurrency with any bank.
  • Send your Ethereum to your wallet.
  • Go to the Opensea website with this link:
  • Place your first bid.
  • Monitor the bids and increase your bid accordingly.

If you are completely new to crypto, we can advise you on all the steps above. Just send your request to: info@nft.com.

Digital Art starts today. Enter the world of Blockchain and engrave your favorite Star for eternity. And discover this surprising new digital fashion that is just beginning.

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