About Blow

Stars are digital art

NFT Blow is dedicated to promoting and building new digital art for all the Stars willing to embrace the future of digital fashion. We want them to be able to participate in this new artistic universe. Get ready to see your favorite Stars in ways you would never expect.

Combining blockchain and visual art requires advanced skills. That is why our team is composed of computer coding experts who specialize in the complex development of NFTs. However, this is only one side of the mirror. To elevate an NFT to art, you need the art. To achieve that, we work with artists all along the way.


We sign a contract with all the stars we personally work with. The NFTs you buy with NFT Blow are all official and legal. The buyer acquires the image rights of the star on her NFT and he is free to resell it whenever he wants. All subsequent buyers also acquire the image rights on the NFT. For external projects that we promote, we also verify that the star has signed a proper contract with the project founder. The image rights on the NFT are permanent in time.


The first step is to find a base photo that will make the NFT unique. We recommend a photo that has never been published in the media or on social networks. Therefore, it is often necessary to schedule a photo shoot for this purpose. We work with several trusted photographers we can recommend, but if the distance between you and us does not allow for that, you can organize the shooting yourself. We will, of course, advise you on your poses, hairstyles, clothes, and makeup. A professional photographer will be able to adapt easily to these instructions.


The second step is to work on the photo to make it a piece of art. Here, all styles are allowed. We can integrate a futuristic, erotic, old-school, or modern context. There are no limits; we let you choose what best fits you! But we can still advise you on what works best.

We work with artists who specialize in NFT graphic art. We will grow this pool over time. It is not just about the artist’s reputation; if we see potential in an unknown artist, we will give him a chance. We love to discover new talent.


Once the NFT is finished, we place it in auction sites centered on NFTs. We work with the most reputable and secure marketplaces. We choose the one that best corresponds with the style of the NFT to have the best appeal to future buyers. You can also follow the sales live on our website. The auction takes place over a period of two to four weeks. Once completed, the marketplace releases the money of the last bidder. This amount is then split between NFT Blow and the Star. We handle the entire process for you!


If you are a Star, do not hesitate to contact us! We can make your unique NFT for you by closely collaborating together. We will engrave it into the blockchain, and it will stay there forever. It can never be lost and will remain as proof of this specific time and place. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to answer them. Send us an email at info@nftblow.com. Now, it’s time to write the first page of your digital art adventure.

Digital Art starts today. Enter the world of Blockchain and engrave your favorite Star for eternity. And discover this surprising new digital fashion that is just beginning.

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