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NFT Star

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We all have our favorite stars. We like to follow them, share their emotions and identify with what they represent. We cherish the happiness and example they can bring to our daily lives. NFT Blow aims to raise them to the rank of digital stars. The NFTs that we are hosting on our website are there to sublimate the Stars and pay tribute to their notoriety.

We create the NFT Fashion

Be tempted by the art of sensuality!

With NFT Blow you can buy NFTs of famous Stars. We only build collaborations with their agreement and consent, and we share the profits with them. We understand digital art and blockchain. This world is evolving and revolutionizing the way art will be perceived. Be the first to experience it and build this pillar for the future! We love Stars, and you will love sharing this unique bond with her.

The art of creating an NFT starts with finding the picture that will be engraved on the blockchain. It must be unique and unpublished; no one must be able to replicate it. That's why we work with photographers we trust and we make sure through the use of contracts that nothing can be revealed. We intend to work with the best photographers in the world. Everything has to be unique.

An NFT is not just a simple photo from a shooting—that is just the beginning. It's so much more and interesting. We work with designers who add their touch to the photo to give it a unique identity. Everything is done so that the NFT remains a work of art forever. Yes, it’s true that anyone can make NFTs, but making a true digital work of art requires unique work and understanding.


NFT Designers

We work with several NFT designers and each one gives his special touch to make any NFT unique.


The first NFT

We wanted something special. Our first NFT Star is the sublime Apolonia Lapiedra.



Wait for the next NFT Stars to be revealed on our website. We will unveil them soon.



We work with 11 famous Celebrities agencies to bring you the best Stars of the industry.

Beauty Comes First

our first Nft

The sublime Apolonia Lapiedra

This choice was an obvious one. Apolonia is beauty reincarnated. Her elegance and charisma is undeniable. She is adored by millions of fans around the world, and we want to spoil them by offering her first-ever and unique NFT. Who will win the auction? Now it's your turn to bid.

The unique NFT of Apolonia Lapiedra

Apolonia auction live:

Impossible de récuperer les informations du NFT.
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If you are a Star, don't wait—send your request to have your own NFT made! We'll do it together, and you'll have your image engraved in the blockchain forever. Write a message to info@nftblow.com.

NFT Blow makes NFTs for celebrities

you are the future

Be one of the first to enter the digital art world! It's up to you to decide if you want to be a part of a new era and embrace the new FNT fashion. We can't stop a trend that is just being born.

Think of others

Do you have an association or charity that you support? Then think of them. We can allocate a fraction of the NFT price to them based on your request and conditions. It's a simple way to help those in need.

Digital Art starts today. Enter the world of Blockchain and engrave your favorite Star for eternity. And discover this surprising new digital fashion that is just beginning.

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